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Over 300+ students taught, mentored, and supported.

Full Trading Course + Private Discord Community

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$164 USD / month

Billed as $249 AUD / month - Cancel anytime

✅ Ideal for beginners to intermediate traders
💸 Guidance on mastering scalp trading

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✅ Ideal for advanced traders only
💸 Account flipping coaching

Full trading course

Forex and trading introduction.

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Psychology and risk management.

Advanced technical analysis including: Scalping market structure, secret void zones, using supply and demand correctly, using volumes and order blocks, using breaker blocks and imbalance zones.

Trader mindset training

Psychology, journaling, self improvement and confidence building that is crucial for trader success.

Opes scalp trading system

Lessons on our scalp trading system uniquely created for scalp trading:

Access to our private group of scalpers

Private community for ongoing support, mentorship and daily market scans.

Access to our private group​ of account flippers

Private channels specifically for advanced psychology, mindset and system guidance for account flipping.

Account Flipping Coaching

5+ hours of the step by step strategy to give you the ability to flip a small account using our scalp strategy. Weekly trade review videos are added each week.

Ongoing account flipping guidance

Daily communication with Philip in a small group environment: private chats, guidance, coaching, and weekly “Ask Me Anything”

private trading discord

Private Community

You will receive access to our Private Discord for:

👥 Ongoing support and mentorship

📈Weekly trade reviews

📈 Daily market scans (our students love this)

🫡  Discipline, mindset and psychology

💸 Student wins

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