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Opes Trading Group

Only 5% of traders succeed. The right education and mindset will get you there.

Opes derives from the Latin word meaning wealth.

Forex trading is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme and should not be treated as one. At Opes, we want our students to develop real financial trading skills that will allow them to reach financial freedom and true wealth. In a market where 5% of traders make money every day, we aim at equipping our students with the right tools and strategies to attempt to be apart of that 5% and reach the financial freedom they have always desired.

Our course is designed to learn from mistakes made, where we will educate you on the markets based on experience and not only theory. A large part of Forex trading depends on the individual themselves and their mindset and attitude, which we will also discuss.

Learning to trade the financial markets is a journey which each individual will experience differently, however one thing in common is that nobody will become a successful trader overnight, meaning everyone will face difficulties and hardships along the way.

With the right mindset and education however, anybody can succeed and earn true freedom.

We've trained and supported traders from all different skill levels.

There are no shortcuts to become a successful trader. This journey will challenge you and can provide the freedom you are seeking.






Trading hours

Founder and teacher

Philip Salloum

Graduated in medical science and radiation science, however I found my true passion back in 2016 when I started fiddling around with the cryptocurrency market. I have always believed that the true meaning of freedom is time, not money.

I looked around at ways to create a source of income and wealth, while having the most amount of time to myself. I was always determined to find a way to generate an income while living life on my own terms. The financial markets always caught my attention since a young age, I would always find myself looking at company stocks, reading the financial news of the world, or simply seeing the price of gold fluctuate over time.

My trading journey began in 2016 when I started my first investment into the cryptocurrency market. I tripled my initial investment with the 2017 boom, however without any education or knowledge into psychology, I held on to my profits with the hope of multiplying them forever. Several months after the boom I watched my portfolio decrease until it had almost vanished. I did not allow my temporary loss to defeat me and decided to take trading a lot more seriously at that moment and learn everything about the markets and the psychology behind it. I then discovered the Forex market which at that moment I knew I had discovered my real passion. The first year was losses also but that was due to the minimal knowledge I had especially not having a mentor to guide me in the right direction. After educating myself for years and finding consistency, I decided to design this course in order to help individuals begin their Forex journeys. I understand from personal experience how challenging the journey for traders can be with the large amount of irrelevant information found on Forex. The Forex course filters out the unnecessary, giving you a simple, yet effective education.


Our values

We apply our core values both on the charts and in our lives.


Maintaining adherence to our trading plan and strategies, regardless of market temptations or pressures.


Embracing the virtue of waiting for optimal trading opportunities and not succumbing to impulsive, reactionary decisions.

Risk Management

Proactively identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks to protect our investments and ensure long-term stability.


Persistently overcoming market challenges and setbacks, viewing each as a learning opportunity for growth and improvement.

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