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This XAUUSD scalping strategy is ideal for CFD Gold traders who can follow our specific trading system. It has specific Stop Loss and Take Profit levels based on volume and order blocks. Our students use this XAUUSD scalping strategy to successfully trade during the London and New York session. 
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Over 300+ students taught. Join the active community of Gold scalpers.

What can I expect from this XAUUSD strategy and coaching?

📚 Step 1. Scalp trading online education 

You will receive membership access to the private Discord. Here you will need to complete your scalp trading online course to learn how to scalp gold.

📈 Step 2. Use our daily market scans to scalp trade with guidance

Once you complete your scalping education, you can follow our daily market scans for zones of interest of potential scalp trade setups. You will apply the xauusd scalping strategy of what you have learnt to trade those potential scalp set ups.
Learn more about Opes daily market scans 

🎯 Step 3. Trade gold confidently on your own

After taking your own xauusd scalp trades using the daily zones of interest as guidelines, we encourage you to take the next step and scalp trade on your own. We will be here for ongoing support.

👥 Step 4. Ongoing support

If you get confused or have any questions, don’t stress. We are here to answer any questions with weekly trade reviews and weekly Ask Me Anything.

What's included in this course and private community?

A foundational understanding of the foreign exchange (Forex) market, covering its size, scope, and the basics of buying and selling currencies.

The fundamentals of technical analysis, including chart patterns, trends, and indicators used to analyse potential market movements.

This video delves into the analysis of economic indicators, news, and financial reports to gauge the intrinsic value of currencies, commodities, and forecast market directions.

Covers strategies and tools for managing financial risk, emphasizing the importance of stop-loss orders, position sizing, and the risk-reward ratio in trading XAUUSD.

Explores complex concepts of market structure, including price levels, trends, and the significance of advanced support and resistance in market prediction.

Reveals lesser-known areas in the market that offer significant trading opportunities for XAUUSD, often overlooked by mainstream traders.

Teaches how to identify and interpret supply and demand zones in the market for better trading decisions, highlighting their impact on price movements.

Focuses on the concept of market imbalances, explaining how to spot and leverage these zones for potential gold trading advantages.

Introduces the concept of breaker blocks, a sophisticated trading strategy that involves identifying key market structures for entry and exit points in scalping Gold.

Shares specific strategies and insights on how to time market entry and exit points for maximum efficiency and high probability xauusd scalp setups.

Addresses the psychological aspects of trading, emphasizing the importance of discipline, patience, and a positive mindset in overcoming the emotional challenges of scalp trading.

Focuses on building the confidence necessary for successful trading through knowledge, experience, and emotional control.

Putting everything you have learnt in the course to fully understand how to systematically scalp trade XAUUSD with confidence. 

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private trading discord

Private Community of Gold Scalpers

You will receive access to our Private Discord for:

👥 Ongoing support and mentorship

📈 Weekly trade reviews

📈 Daily market scans (Our students love this)

🫡 Discipline, mindset and psychology

💸 Student wins

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Our XAUUSD Scalping Strategy Explained

This may be surprising, but we don’t analyze the price movements of Gold with a set of mainstream technical indicators like MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands or Exponential Moving Averages (EMA).

Indicators are lagging data which have led many to have more losses, rather than wins, in the past.

We only use two crucial pieces of information when scalping XAUDUSD which do not lag. They are volume and liquidity imbalance pools.

Our XAUUSD scalping strategy has been well tested over years, and will help you in managing your positions better, while understanding the driving force behind movements in price of XAUUSD on the charts.

If you do not not have enough confluences to put a high probability trade, then you are leaving the trade to chance, or simply gambling as we call it. 

Gold Chart Breakdown

When scalping Gold, we begin by doing a top down analysis to understand the overall higher timeframe bias – on the weekly and daily time frames. The overall trend direction is important as it can allow us to better understand the scalping direction for the day.

The time frame for entry can be anywhere between the 1 to 15 min time frame.

The recommended session would be the London and New York session as this is where the market will most likely go to draw liquidity.

Buy Example for XAUUSD

XAUUSD scalp buy trade example

Sell Example for XAUUSD

XAUUSD scalp sell trad example

As we can see above XAUUSD charts, both buy and sell examples work in the same way.

The green zone represents our London session and Red represents the New York session.

The liquidity imbalance pool is a zone where the wicks of candles have not met creating the “imbalance” which price can be attracted to in order to “rebalance” it.

The red line is what is known as the highest point of volume for a trading day. So, when a zone has very high volume, along with a liquidity imbalance pool, falling into our London or New York session, this can be a great point of entry for our scalping position.

Stops are usually calculated based on the zone of interest and making sure we place it outside of the area while giving it some room to breathe as we say.

Take profit levels are calculated based on market structure targeting most recent highs or lows.

Try our XAUUD scalping system

This may sound and look complicated, but it is really simple ✅

We teach all of this and provide daily guidance and weekly FAQs in our private Discord.

The biggest challenge you will face scalping Gold is managing your fear, greed, and emotions. We will help you develop this as it is crucial in order for you to be successful in trading.

Our community of scalpers trade this exact system everyday for XAUUSD with consistent, profitable results. 📈

XAUUSD scalping student success 🎉

This is a screenshot from January 2024 of one of our new students within our Elite Scalpers Account Flipping group  on his first day of account flipping.

He was using our exact scalp trading system for trade XAUUSD (Gold) and GBPUSD. This system also works for US30 and NAS100.

⚠️ Important: Account flipping is only for advanced traders. For novice and intermediate traders who want to learn to scalp, we recommend joining our Opes Platinum group. We will support and monitor your trading journey until you are consistent and profitable. Only then should you attempt to flip accounts.

Student Testimonials

Kind words from our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

XAUUSD is the forex market symbol for gold. ‘XAU’ represents one troy ounce of gold, and ‘USD’ stands for the US Dollar. This pair indicates how many US dollars are needed to purchase one ounce of gold. Gold trading in the forex market is popular as a safe-haven asset and a hedge against inflation.

Some factors that influence trading XAUUSD include global economic stability, inflation rates, the strength of the US dollar, central bank policies, geopolitical tensions, and market demand for safe-haven assets. Changes in interest rates and economic indicators from major economies can significantly impact gold prices.

We take all of this into consideration while trading, however majority of our trading system is based on technical analysis and price action.

After trading multiple trading styles over the past 6 years, we believe that the best XAUUSD trading strategy is scalping.

Yes, you can scalp trade the XAUUSD – we do it every day!

Scalping involves making numerous short-term trades to capitalize on small price movements. Given gold’s liquidity and volatility, it is a popular instrument for scalping. This strategy requires fast decision-making, an understanding of market movements, and crucial risk management.

 We can teach you our exact strategy and system to be consistent and profitable in trading XAUSUSD.

When trading XAUUSD, we keep an eye on global economic trends and indicators, particularly those affecting USD. We use technical analysis to identify trading opportunities. We consider fundamental analysis but it does not often affect our trading system. Setting stop-loss and take-profit orders is key for risk management. Staying updated with geopolitical news and central bank decisions also provide valuable insights for gold trading.

The best time to trade XAUUSD is during high liquidity periods, which coincide with the overlap of trading hours between major financial markets, such as London and New York (approximately 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST). We are also cognisant of key economic releases and events, as gold prices can be highly reactive to new economic data.

Our unique scalp trading strategy takes advantage of the early hours the New York open.

The only indicator we use is session volume. Our XAUUSD scalp trading strategy is focused on timing, candle stick analysis, price action, and liquidity. In our experience, many indicators are just lagging biases.

No, our unique scalp system also works for three other pairs:

When you complete our course and join our community, you will learn the strategy to scalp trade all four markets pairs. You can choose which works best for you and which pair you want to master.

No don’t provide gold signals, but we do something better.

Everyday we provide a daily chart scan of our key zones of interest of XAUUSD that we are looking to scalp from.

Once you learn our XAUUSD scalping strategy you will be able to use the key zones as guidelines to find opportunities to scalp from. Many of our traders love these key zones as a point of reference, as it also allows them to learn at the same time.

We don’t provide signals because we found that you don’t really learn how to trade, you only learn how to copy – therefore not developing your own skills as a trader.

Your aim should be to become a consistent, profitable and confident trader. Not a copy trader. You have our full support.

Learn more about our daily scans.