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Account flipping is only for experienced traders who understand all the basic concepts of our scalping strategy.

Flipping lessons and coaching are taught by Philip, the founder of Opes Trading Group.

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Account flipping coaching created for 4 markets.

Scalp trade 1 or all 4.

What's included?

  • Includes everything in the Opes Platinum Membership the following:

  • 5+ hours of in depth learning videos and understanding how the flipping strategy works within the 4 markets, and how to utilise it in order to grow a small account exponentially
  • New videos every week answering all your questions
  • Access to private channels in our Discord specifically for advanced psychology, mindset, and system guidance
  • Daily communication with Philip in a small group environment: private chats, video calls, guidance and mentorship.
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⚠️ Warning ⚠️

There is an illegal download of our old previous flipping strategy circulating the internet

Don’t be fooled. That pirated video is an old and outdated version from 2023. The content in those videos are missing a lot of crucial information and dilutes the process of our successful strategy.

The true value of our account flipping community are the benefits of Philip’s daily guidance, market scans, weekly “Ask Me Anything”, ongoing support, and mentorship inside our private Discord community. 👥

We update our account flipping videos lessons on Discord with new content almost every week.

Account flipping without Philip’s initial coaching is just gambling. 

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Private Community of Flippers

You will receive access to our Private Discord for:

👥 Ongoing support and mentorship

📚 Frequently updated lessons to improve your account flipping process

📈Weekly trade reviews

📈Daily market scans (Our students love this)

🫡 Discipline, mindset and psychology

💸 Student wins

Forex Account Flipping

Account flipping is not for the faint hearted and presents many challenges and opportunities for traders willing to navigate its volatile nature. The attraction of quick profits and the potential for large returns on a small account make account flipping an attractive for traders who have a high tolerance to quick movements and emotional resilience. 

Challenges of Forex Account Flipping

One of the primary challenges of forex account flipping is the inherent risk associated with aggressive trading strategies. To achieve substantial growth in a short timeframe, traders often use high leverage, which can amplify both gains and losses. This leverage acts as a double-edged sword; while it can lead to rapid account growth, it also increases the risk of significant losses, potentially wiping out the trading account if not managed carefully.

🎯 At Opes we have a strong emphasis on risk management and lot sizing. This is where the success lies.

Another challenge is the psychological pressure that comes with account flipping. The temptation to deviate from a disciplined trading plan in pursuit of quicker, larger profits can lead to impulsive decisions and financial loss.  Stress can lead to overtrading and making poor decisions.

🎯 At Opes we have a strong emphasis on discipline and emotional resillience. This is where the success lies.


Opportunities of Forex Account Flipping

Despite these challenges, the opportunities presented by forex account flipping are vast and can be rewarding for those who approach it with the right mindset and strategy. GBPUSD and XAUUSD offer numerous trading opportunities to capitalize on currency fluctuations. 

With our account flipping strategy and risk management techniques, successful trades can be scaled up, enabling traders to leverage small movements in the market for substantial gains. This aspect allows for aggressive growth strategies without the need for a proportional increase in initial capital.

Mastering Our Strategy

To flip accounts successfully, traders must adopt a disciplined approach. This includes following our scalping system, and employing strict risk management techniques. Patience, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from both successes and failures are essential qualities for all students to succeed in flipping forex accounts.

Account flipping student success 🎉

This is a screenshot from last month from one of our new advanced students on his first day of account flipping.

He was using our exact scalp trading system for trade XAUUSD (Gold) and GBPUSD. This system also works for US30 and NAS100.

⚠️ Important: Account flipping is only for advanced traders. For novice and intermediate traders who want to learn to scalp, we recommend joining our Opes Platinum group. We will support and monitor your trading journey until you are consistent and profitable. Only then should you attempt to flip accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account flipping refers to the strategy of taking a relatively small amount of capital and attempting to increase it significantly over a short period through aggressive trading. This strategy involves high risk and high leverage, with the goal of “flipping” the initial investment into a much larger sum. It’s akin to attempting to double or triple one’s account balance in a very short timeframe. Account flipping is only for experienced and advanced traders.

You will need to understand our unique Opes scalping system. Once you learn this, the main focus will be mindset, emotional resilience, and adherence to our account flipping process.

You will also require to have some initial guidance with Philip inside our Discord to make sure you are confident and understand the system. We do not want you attempt account flipping without understanding the strategy in its entirety. We do not promote gambling.

You can trade for 1 to 3 hours a day and still be active. There are opportunities everyday meaning there are much quicker results and lessons to learn from.

The ideal trading sessions are the London session for GBPUSD and the New York open XAUUSD, US30, NAS100.

I mention freedom so much because this has truly what motivated me to start trading. I hear the same thing from all my students that have found freedom of location, finances, work flexibility, and headspace after being successful in trading profitably and consistently.

No, but we do something better. Everyday we provide a daily chart of our key zones of interest that we are looking to scalp from.
Once you learn our scalping strategy you will be able to use the key zones as guidelines to scalp from. Many of our traders love these key zones as a point of reference,  because it also allows them to learn at the same time.

We don’t provide signals because we found that you don’t really learn how to trade, you only learn how to copy – therefore not developing your own skills as a trader.

Your aim should be to become a consistent, profitable and confident trader.

Find out more about our daily scans here.


Philip Salloum

Founder of Opes Trading Group​

Philip graduated from medical science and radiation science in Sydney Australia. He soon realised that trading time for money is not his definition of freedom.

In 2016, Philip began his trading career after realising the true meaning of freedom. He has always believed that the true meaning of freedom is time, not money. Philip has extensive experience in account flipping and has grown a $2,000 account to $64,000 within 6 weeks.

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