Opes Daily Market Scans

Many people are asking if we offer signals?

🚫 No, we don’t offer signals.

✅ We have something better. We now do daily market scans and zones of interest.

Everyday in our Private Discord, we provide a daily chart of our key zones of interest that we are looking for opportunities to scalp from for XAUUSD and GBPUSD.

Once you learn our scalping strategy you will be able to use the key zones as guidelines to scalp from. Our membership contains the ​full course​ of our scalping strategy – available to all members.

Many of our traders love these daily market scans and use the key zones as a point of reference, because it also allows them to trade and learn at the same time. 💡

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We don’t provide signals because we found that students don’t really learn how to trade, you only learn how to copy – therefore not developing your own skills as a trader.

Your aim should be to become a consistent, profitable and confident trader. Not a copy trader.

We will support you in your journey.

IMPORTANT: These daily market scans and key zones are not financial advice or trade suggestions. They are simply zones of interest that may be applicable for our scalping strategy.


Philip Salloum is the founder and teacher of Opes Trading Group.

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