Scalp Trading Strategy

Scalp Strategy and Flipping Small Accounts

This is for experienced traders who understand all basic concepts and just want to find their edge in the market.
Simplicity is the key to success

A scalping system uniquely created for 4 markets.

Scalp trade 1 or all 4.

The Opes Difference: Freedom


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A scalp trading system to flip accounts

A trading system with a clear process and rules.

Your day has structure

Trade around the same time everyday (eg. London Open or New York Open)

Minimal time on charts

Trade for only 1 to 3 hours a day. Oftentimes less – depending on market movements.

Master one market pair

Choose from:

No basic indicators

Zero reliance on basic lagging indicators like RSI and MACD.


A small supportive community of traders working on their mindset and resilience to flip accounts

What's included?

  • 3+ hours of in depth learning videos and understanding how the strategy works within the markets, and how to utilise it in order to grow a small account.
  • A step by step process is given in order to give you the ability to FLIP!
  • Lifetime access to our membership group

    $999 AUD

phil trade results

Philip Salloum

Philip graduated from medical science and radiation science in Sydney Australia. He soon realised that trading time for money is not his definition of freedom.

In 2016, Philip began his trading career after realising the true meaning of freedom. He has always believed that the true meaning of freedom is time, not money.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can trade for 1 to 3 hours a day and still be active. There are opportunities everyday meaning there are much quicker results and lessons to learn from.

Our trading system allows you to have freedom of your day. If you follow our education and system properly, you can only expect to be actively trading in one sitting of 1 to 3 hours day – oftentimes less! Some of our students have tweaked our strategy to cater for their own personal style and only trade for 30 minutes a day.

The ideal trading sessions are the London open for GBPUSD and the New York open XAUUSD, US30, NAS100.

I mention freedom so much because this has truly what motivated me to start trading. I hear the same thing from all my students that have found freedom of location, finances, work flexibility, and headspace after being successful in trading profitably and consistently.

Diversity of income is what every successful trader should work towards. On the days that I don’t feel like trading, and feel like teaching instead, being able to have multiple income sources allows me to still provide for my family when I take a break from the charts.
Also, I genuinely want to help people. The trader life can be a lonely path of self discovery, so I want to support those who I can help in this journey. The student/teacher relationship is mutually beneficial.

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Advanced technical analysis and charting using TradingView.

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MetaTrader 5

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