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Opes Platinum Course

A day trading course designed for absolute beginners, and even the more advanced traders, in order to give them an edge in trading the markets.

Your journey to freedom

Opes Trading Course is created for those seeking a new journey in the world of trading financial markets.

Our core focus is on skill development, discipline, and mindset. There are no shortcuts in your journey.

Financial freedom and freedom of time will be a by product of mastering these new skills and mindset.

Industry leading education

Over 300+ successful students

Watch. Study. Learn. Repeat​

Simplicity is the key to success

A trading system uniquely created for 4 markets.

Trade 1 or all 4.

The Opes Difference: Freedom


Opes Trading Group

Other courses

A clear scalp trading system

A forex trading system with a clear process and rules.

Your day has structure

Trade around the same time everyday (eg. London session or early New York session)

Master one market pair

Choose from:

No basic indicators

Zero reliance on basic lagging indicators like RSI and MACD.

New private Discord community

Access to a private community of supportive traders, Opes Alumni, and mentors following the same trading system and improving their mindset.

Daily market scans

We share daily market scans in our Private Discord to identify zones of interest for scalping opportunities.

What's included?

1. Intro to forex and trading

2. Introductory technical analysis

3. Fundamental analysis

4. Psychology and risk management

5. Advanced market structure

6. Secret void zones

7. Using supply and semand correctly

8. Understanding volume and orders

9. Understanding Philip’s ways of perfect entries and exits

10. Becoming a confident trader

11. Unique system for day trading and scalping:

  • GOLD
  • NAS100
  • US30

12. Lifetime membership to our private group

13. BONUS: Small account flipping strategy

Course Price:
$1,699 AUD

phil trade results

Philip Salloum

Philip graduated from medical science and radiation science in Sydney Australia. He soon realised that trading time for money is not his definition of freedom.

In 2016, Philip began his trading career after realising the true meaning of freedom. He has always believed that the true meaning of freedom is time, not money.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can trade for 1 to 3 hours a day and still be active. There are opportunities everyday meaning there are much quicker results and lessons to learn from.

There is no definite timeline to be a trader. This all depends on your mindset, discipline and skill. Some of our students have been trading 6 years prior to doing our course and then only became profitable recently. Other traders have come to Opes as absolute beginners and have become profitable traders within 5 months. It’s important to remember that trading is about longevity and process, and not quick wins.

Our trading system allows you to have freedom of your day. If you follow our education and system properly, you can only expect to be actively trading in one sitting of 1 to 3 hours day. Some of our students have tweaked our strategy to cater for their own personal style and only trade 1 hour a day.

The ideal trading sessions are the London open for GBPUSD and the New York open XAUUSD, US30, NAS100.

I mention freedom so much because this has truly what motivated me to start trading. I hear the same thing from all my students that have found freedom of location, finances, work flexibility, and headspace after being successful in trading profitably and consistently.

Diversity of income is what every successful trader should work towards. On the days that I don’t feel like trading, and feel like teaching instead, being able to have multiple income sources allows me to still provide for my family when I take a break from the charts.
Also, I genuinely want to help people. The trader life can be a lonely path of self discovery, so I want to support those who I can help in this journey. The relationship is mutually beneficial.

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